HeroTech Week | 4MAYO

13-15 Septembrie

3 sesiuni interactive pentru dezvoltarea ta. JAVA, SQL, Testare!

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Catalin Tudose - 4MAYO

Developing Java BDD Applications with Cucumber

Luni, 13 Septembrie - ora 18:30

Catalin Tudose - JAVA Expert@Luxoft, Author, Trainer

Cătălin Tudose is a Senior Java Developer and Technical Team Lead, professor, author and trainer. He will showcase behavior-driven development with JUnit 5 and Cucumber.

This workshop will set you on the path to bug-free code! It’s full of information about solving real-world testing problems, such as using mocks for testing isolation, automating your testing, and test-driven development, from unit testing right through to system and acceptance testing.

Cristinel Boboc - 4MAYO

Why your database interaction could be wrong - Alternative solutions

Marți, 14 Septembrie - ora 18:30

Cristi Boboc - Database Specialist@Luxoft

With more than 20 years of experience, Cristi Boboc will tell you, in a 30 minutes session, why the "fetch-modify-write" model, used by most projects, has limitations that can lead to data losses on large applications.

But after each problem come the solutions that Cristi will uncover and present them in a live demo. If you have any questions after that, it will be a Q&A session.

Horia Calin - 4MAYO

Best practices in Testing and Test Automation

Miercuri, 15 Septembrie - ora 18:30

Horia Călin - Lead Test Engineer@Luxoft, Trainer, Professor

Horia Călin currently is Lead Test Engineer at Luxoft, leading a team of 10 people and contributing to the end-to-end testing processes for more projects. Besides that, he is a trainer for more than 11 years on subjects like QA and Python.

Horia's session will cover the critical aspects of testing and concepts from test automation. Most of the concepts will be general, applicable in any QA department, but there will be also some hardware/networking drops of information.

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